Before arriving to the point we are now, I asked myself this question many times, why not publish the game ourselves? Most of the new game designers, when they are ready to publish a game, try to find a publisher to get their games on the market. It’s the classic way to proceed as it’s similar to the procedure of publishing a book with editors. It has the advantage for the designers of sparing all the steps of production, distribution, and marketing, as those are hard aspects to manage. So, why have we decided to start a new board game company? Read this to discover 4 of those reasons!

Passion for board games
Of course, before starting Sphere Games, me, Simon Bélanger and Simon Touzel have been playing board games for many years and we are passionate about them. We realized over the last few years the great diversity of games available on the market, and then came the idea of BrilliAnts. We think this point is a must if we want to succeed and share this passion with you! Since we have played a great variety of games, we were able to focus on things we like about games to create one that we believe will be fun for most of people!

2. The challenges of starting something new

As for many of you, we’ve been thinking for a couple of years to start a new company, but we needed a good idea to do so. At first, when I developed BrilliAnts, I didn’t think we would publish the game ourselves, I was just doing it for fun. But then, talking to many people, I saw it raised an interest to most of them and the two Simon told me they wanted to participate in this project. As we are young (at least in our hearts ;)) and have the time to invest in such an idea, we decided to jump in! Many could see the obstacles we’ll have to face as discouraging, but we see them as exciting problems to solve that will help us learn and become better individuals. We are aware that many challenges await us, as we’ve already realized in the game development, but climbing a mountain wouldn’t be fun and rewarding if it wasn’t hard!

3. The possibilities opened by crowd funding platforms such as kickstarter

In the recent years, with the expand of internet and websites like kickstarter, making the publicity for a project and reaching many people across the world have become much more accessible than it has ever been. Nowadays, a lot of board games are getting published by individuals via the use of crowd funding sites and it made us realize that even though it is not an easy task, it is possible to achieve it! In fact, board games are one of the most successfully funded products on kickstarter and every year more and more projects come to life. So, why not try it ourselves?

4. The desire to keep the project ours

When a game publisher accepts your game, they can change many things in the game mechanics, art, and the way you play it. We wanted to be more independent in the game process development to keep the game the way we designed it. As well, if you sell your project to a publisher, they control the print runs and the marketing, so there’s a possibility of long delays between print runs and you cannot do anything about it. Of course there are a lot more risks to doing it ourselves, but at least if it works we will have more control over the ways to use our resources and promote the product!

There are many other reasons behind starting Sphere Games, but those are, I think, the 4 major ones. Before closing this small article, to answer another question that some of you might have, why have we decided to name the company Sphere Games? We chose that name because it is simple, easy to remember and applicable to all kinds of products. One of our goals is to eventually bring entertainment to anyone, no matter where they live around the globe, so Sphere as a name encompasses that. It also leaves us the option to venture into other spheres of entertainment such as puzzles, games, and toys! But first, let’s focus on BrilliAnts since we need your support and 100% of our initial effort in that project if we want to have a chance to succeed!

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