The question could be answered by another question, do you like board games? If you are like me and enjoy spending long evenings with many friends around a table playing games, then maybe you will be interested in my post! For the last couple of years, I developed a main interest in my free time that is discovering new board games of any type: party, strategic, euro, american, filler or abstracts.

I’ve been playing them with my friends and family, but mostly with my girlfriend as we spend most of our free time together. Over the time, we found different games that really caught our interest in the hobby and gaming has become one of our principal activity when we have time together! We came to realize that gaming is a good option to enjoy a night together, it is more sociable then watching a movie or a series, more entertaining and it requires more thinking as well, which I guess would be good for the brain. Games we really like include Jaipur, Takenoko, Stone Age, Pandemic, Tokaido, Caverna, City of Iron, 7 wonders, Aquaretto, Fungi, Viva Java The Dice Game and many others.

With the appearance of so many great themed games on the market over the last years, we can choose what we want to incarnate during a play night. The possibilities are immense and range from being pirates, knights, incas or even formula 1 pilots or space explorers. With all the choices we have now in our collection, we noticed that the games we play the most are usually the family themed games that are faster to play, but still contain enough strategy to keep adults interested. Of course we like the more complex euro games like Myrmes, Caverna, Tzolk’in and Puerto Rico, but they take more time to play and need a higher degree of concentration, which we don’t always have after a hard day of working.

That is how I came with the idea of creating an ant themed game intended for couples, families and friends that would play fast and could be understood and enjoyed by everyone under an hour of play. So, more than a year ago, I started working on this project, thinking of mechanics and ideas that would blend with the theme. After many hours of thinking, creating art, developing a prototype, a day came when I was finally ready to play test it with friends! Then, after 10 minutes of play testing, we realize that many rules needed to be adjusted or completely changed as is the case for most new games I imagine.

Several months then passed on cycles of changing rules and play test until the game was finally fun, simple and strategic to play. Since I am not a really good artist, the next step was to hire an artist to create the art I needed. But, how exactly could I find one? Talking to several people, they referred me to the website and I posted a submission for the project. Within 2 days, I received over 30 answers from studios or people who wanted to create the art for my game, I was quite surprised but really happy.

Looking at their portfolio, I retained several of them and after 2 weeks I decided to keep Gong Studio, an Indonesian company that had already worked on such project and had stunning artwork. I even had the chance to meet the director of Gong Studio, Angga Satriohadi, since I’ve been travelling to Indonesia with my girlfriend and friends last spring!

For the last 10 months, I’ve been working with Gong Studio to develop BrilliAnts so that the game would be ready to launch on kickstarter during the autumn. Me and 2 friends then decided to start a company to produce our own game and we named it Sphere Games. Now that the art and the rulebook are ready, we are working hard to be able to start the campaign as soon as everything is ready!

If you are like me and enjoy quick, strategic games that you can play with your girlfriend, family or friends, I think this game is for you! I hope you enjoyed my first post and let me know what you think in the comments below, it will be a pleasure to discuss with you!

For those who are interested, you can see more art of the game on the board game geek page and if you want to share any thoughts or comments do not hesitate to contact me.