It’s no secret that our first launch wasn’t exactly driving people crazy. Let’s take a look at what was wrong with our first campaign.

    • The game was a tad too expensive, and that, combined with the fact that we were an unknown company to mostly everyone, turned off a lot of people about BrilliAnts!


    • The miniatures were only unlocked at a whopping $60,000 which, again, turned off a lot of hopefuls who might have went for the game if the miniatures were guaranteed, which they weren’t. Can’t blame them really, $60,000 for our original launch looked very, very far away when we started!


    • We had almost no awareness. A lot of people said “I’ve never heard about this game” on forums and such when we launched.


    • Our page’s presentation was a bit messy at first; sections out of order, missing stuff, things like that.


  • We didn’t have any English-language review.

Our video was 100% ready though, so at least we had that going for us!

As you can see, a lot of our preparation was wrong, and we were definitely not ready, according to what a lot of kickstarter veterans would advise.

We had a talk among ourselves and decided that it would be best to relaunch the kickstarter later. At the time, March seemed like a good option. We would have time to prepare for the kickstarter, get some reviews, work out some things that were wrong, patch up the page, etc.

However, the idea of relaunching right away eventually surfaced. We had reviews coming in very shortly, time to fix the page (it only took a few days), time to re-evaluate the costs and rework the stretch goals, and now we had people who knew about the game!

The price problem wasn’t fixed though.

That’s when we decided to lower the price. Don’t be mistaken though, the game didn’t magically become less expensive! We decided to lower the price because putting our backers first was our priority, and giving them the game for almost the price we would sell it to retailers was how we thought that would happen. We estimated the manufacturing cost of a copy of the game, added a few dollars as buffer, estimated shipping price, added a few dollars as buffer again, and then came to our final early bird price of $44 CAD.

We also decided to lower the shipping costs by $5 worldwide.

So here are the adjustments we made to our campaign in order to relaunch:

– We added English reviews to our page.

– We lowered the price by $15 for Early Birds, $10 for everyone else.

– We lowered the shipping price by $5 worldwide.

– We reworked the page according to comments we received from enthusiasts.

– We reworked the stretch goals, which resulted in the miniatures now sitting at $30,000. A much more reachable goal!

– We reduced the funding goal from $30,000 to $10,000.

Why reduce the goal? Basically, we wanted to maximize the success of our campaign, and making it much easier to fund was one way to do it. It’s always more encouraging to see a funded project instead of asking yourself “is this game even gonna happen?” when looking at it.

In the end, we were offering the game for pretty much what it cost to produce and ship, plus a small buffer for uncertainty. 953 backers around the world agreed with our decisions, and decided to support us, and our dream, by backing BrilliAnts. Thank you again for having faith in our project, and we hope you’re going to like the game as much as we do!

Hope that helped shed a new light on the thought process behind the relaunch!


Maxime Tardif, Simon Bélanger, Simon Touzel