Cookie Policy

We apply cookies for the sole purpose of advertising. Based on your interests and clicking behavior on our platform, it becomes easier for us to place more relevant advertisements on our website and measure the results.

Key Cookies on keyboard

What Are Cookies?

Any time the player uses our platform for gambling, we make use of so-called pixels and cookies. In simple terms, a pixel is a piece of code (script) that is placed on a site to collect information about website visits.

The pixel stores data about whether the user is logged in and about their profile. Advertisements can then be displayed (“retargeted”). We only place these types of cookies if you give us permission to do so. You can continue to use the site without permission.

Tracking Technology Storage

While using or accessing our platform, it stores Tracking Software. Third parties (e.g. analytics providers, business partners, advertisers, etc.) who run content on our site also store Tracking Software referred to as “Third Party Tracking Cookies.”

Both types of Tracking Software may be saved for the duration of the user’s visit or for subsequent visits to our site.

What Technologies We Apply

Here are the tracking technologies applied on our platform, which in no way harm your privacy or your software.

  • Absolutely essential tracking software: this type of software does not oblige us to get the user’s consent. It is used for security purposes. Also, it allows users to log in, navigate through our site and use our offers and services.
  • Functional tracking software: this software serves to keep track of the choices users make to make their experience more personalized.
  • Performance tracking software: it allows us to see what actions users take on our platform. The collected data helps us perform more adequate research and analysis.
  • Marketing tracking software: this software generates more relevant promotions and ads and implements ad campaigns that are compelling to our users. It also determines the number of times an ad is shown and helps measure how effective our marketing campaigns are.