Why Sphere Games

Why not publish the games ourselves? That is the question that is at the core of our decision of creating Sphere Games. Of course, before Sphere Games, the three of us were fans of board games. Over the last few years, we spent many days and nights playing board games with our friends. That’s how we became aware of the diversity that the market had to offer, and that gave Maxime the ideas for BrilliAnts. Through Sphere Games, we want to share our passion for board games with you.

How it started

When we first started the company, it was obvious to us that crowdfunding our first game was the way to go. We had no idea what to do but decided to do it anyway. Like jumping in a pool eyes closed. Even though a Kickstarter campaign is hard work (we definitely learned that!), we put our best efforts in it because we believed we had what it takes to make it a success!

Our approach to game publishing

Sphere Games was also born from our desire to keep the project ours, always. By having complete control over the games we make, we are ultimately the only ones who decide what should go in our games, no one else. Dealing with a publisher would have robbed us of our total independence and we wouldn’t have that.

What the future holds

One of our goals is to eventually bring entertainment to anyone, no matter where they live around the globe, so this was a strong driving factor behind choosing Sphere Games as the name of our company. It is also simple, easy to remember, and applicable to all kinds of products. So “Sphere” as a name encompasses all that.

Thus, it leaves us the option to venture into other spheres of entertainment such as puzzles, games, and toys! Are we there right now? Definitely not. But never say never! Right now though, our focus is completely on board games.