About the Game

The Game

General concept

It's the end of the season and the ant queens are trying to establish their colony in a quiet forest where food is plenty. In BrilliAnts, you take control over an ant colony, working day and night to help it prepare for the coming winter. But beware, not every species has the same needs. You must gather resources needed to survive the coming winter by fulfilling headquarters’ objectives while expanding your territory and influence over the forest. Mind the weather wheel and keep on the lookout for the dreaded predators as you plan your next move to lead your colony to victory.

BrilliAnts is a turn based strategic worker placement game where little luck and much thinking is involved. The game was designed to appeal to everyone, from families with kids to hardcore tabletop gamers, without forgetting couples that are looking for a fun evening. With many rulesets to choose from, everyone can find their fun. But in the end, only the most BrilliAnt shall lead his colony to victory!

Who is it intended for?

BrilliAnts is a family-friendly game played from 1 to 6 players, ideal for couples, groups of friends, and, of course, families. Also, the solo version allows you to play alone in a race against the Predators. But beware, they will not let you win easily! Be ready to surpass yourself in order to win with the most points possible.
The 4 levels of complexity in the rules enables you to adapt your game to who you’re playing with, ranging from children-friendly rules to cutthroat rules for the more ruthless and competitive players.

What's in the Box?

The Game

Global Features

  • -1 Double-sided Game Board
  • -93 Miniatures
  • -6 Species Cards
  • -1 Weather Spinner
  • -1 Day/Night Tile
  • -1 Opaque Bag (for Solo Play)
  • -Over 200 tiles
  • -78 Objective Cards
  • -57 Special Cards
  • -6 Individual Player Boards
  • -1 Rulebook
  • -And much more!

Watch the Game in Action!


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Meet Your Workers!

Ant Hunter.

The Hunter

A master of the hunt, he provides the colony with insect meat.

Ant Farmer.

The Farmer

Perspectible agricultor, he gathers fruits and vegetables for the colony.

Ant Engineer.

The Engineer

Tireless and hard-working, the Engineer digs the ground to expand the colony.